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Ortovox 150 Cool BVS Logo Top Wms
Ortovox 150 Cool BVS Logo Top Wms

Ortovox 150 Cool BVS Logo Top Wms

Bow Valley Stand Up Paddleboarding/Surf

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Were stoked to be teaming up with the guys at Ortovox for our branded cooling Merino tee's, they will keep you cool on a warm day, they are quick drying and guaranteed comfort!

Comfortable, durable merino top with cooling effect for varied alpine tours.Strong, robust and sustainable cooling: The durable yarn and natural cooling of TencelTM make our 150 MERINO COOL line for women ideal for hot summer days in the mountains. 

BETA-SPUN technology gives our MERINO COOL LOGO TOP the required stability: This protective polyamide sheathing makes the material more scuff and tear resistant. Fine merino fibers simultaneously offer unique comfort and provide an optimum body climate, while the smooth surface of TencelTM fibers ensures great evaporative coolness when things get hot. 

Our 150 COOL LOGO TOP for women will thus be your perfect companion on warm summer days. 

In the 150 MERINO COOL line, ORTOVOX combines TencelTM fibers, sourced from sustainable forestry, with merino wool. The wood fibers are characterized by great evaporative coolness and flat fiber surface – ensuring it cools automatically. An intricate spinning process makes the material mix robust and extremely functional. BETA-SPUN technology refers to a manufacturing process where fine polyamide fibers are spun around merino wool and TencelTM. The protective polyamide sheathing means the fabric is exceptionally scuff-resistant and robust – without sacrificing the benefits of merino fibers or the cooling TencelTM fibers. 

Since 1995, merino wool has been an integral component of ORTOVOX’s mountainwear. Our merino wool comes from selected farms that comply with our own wool standard: the ORTOVOX WOOL PROMISE. ORTOVOX obtains its virgin wool from verified and ethical sheep farms. These farms are regularly monitored within the framework of the OWP. The wool is naturally 100% ecological and therefore super sustainable. Thanks to the small-diameter fibers in its fine woolen threads, merino wool feels extremely soft and comfortable on the skin.  In addition to comfort, merino wool also provides an ideal personal body climate by regulating both moisture and temperature. It is also easy to care for and, thanks to its antibacterial effect, odor neutralizing.

  • cooling
  • Cooling Tencel™
  • Quick drying
  • Lightweight
  • High wear comfort
  • Long lasting
  • Sustainably produced fibers